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 Matthew E. Brown Liupei Huang
Misbah Zaeem

Overview of Services

The Humanized Mouse Core of the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides investigators with a variety of humanized mouse models for their individual research needs. Our goal is to readily supply animals of high quality and consistency in order to facilitate cutting-edge research of the human immune response. Under the guidance of Director, Dr. Matthew Brown, the Core provides a variety of humanized animal models and consultation services to investigators.

The Humanized Mouse Core specializes in production of the current standard model in the field — the humanized immune mouse (HIM) model — including the NeoThy and BLT models incorporating the engraftment of cryopreserved human thymus tissue and hematopoietic stem cells into immune-deficient mouse host strains. Core personnel closely follow the research literature and also experimentally validate new iterations of humanized mouse models, including validating novel animal strains and the use of pluripotent stem cell-derived tissues.

Custom orders and/or collaborations are possible to establish models tailored to investigators’ individual research needs. Please contact us ( for additional details. 

To place an order or initiate services, an iLab account is required. First time Core users, please register for iLab with the following link:


Matthew E. Brown, Ph.D.


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location
By appointment only.

H4/725 CSC
600 Highland Avenue 
Madison, WI 53792

Links and Resources

  1. Humanized Mouse Core Website
  2. The Brown Laboratory


Name Role Phone Email Location
Matthew E. Brown
Core Director
H4/749 CSC
Misbah Zaeem
Research Specialist
H4/725 CSC

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